2016 ☆ Dream Ticket

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Allen West 2016 Sticker Paul Ryan 2016 Sticker Rand Paul for President Oval Sticker Ted Cruz for President Bumper Sticker Rubio 2016
VotesPresidentVice President
3907Ted CruzAllen West
2806Ted CruzBen Carson
1802Rand PaulAllen West
1432Rand PaulTed Cruz
1421Rand PaulBen Carson
1350Ben CarsonTed Cruz
1168Ted CruzRand Paul
1140Ben CarsonAllen West
727Ben CarsonRand Paul
648Allen WestBen Carson
616Ted CruzSarah Palin
588Ben CarsonCondoleezza Rice
588Allen WestTed Cruz
545Donald TrumpBen Carson
537Ted CruzMike Lee
497Ben CarsonSarah Palin
494Ben CarsonMarco Rubio
463Donald TrumpTed Cruz
393Ben CarsonMike Huckabee
367Rand PaulSarah Palin
345Allen WestRand Paul
340Scott WalkerBen Carson
330Mike HuckabeeBen Carson
330Allen WestSarah Palin
312Ben CarsonScott Walker
269Ted CruzScott Walker
266Ben CarsonCarly Fiorina
244Ben CarsonPaul Ryan
239Ben CarsonNikki Haley
219Ted CruzCondoleezza Rice
212Ben CarsonJohn Bolton
210Rand PaulCondoleezza Rice
210Ben CarsonSusana Martinez
205Sarah PalinAllen West
204Marco RubioBen Carson
199Donald TrumpCarly Fiorina
188Allen WestCondoleezza Rice
187Mike HuckabeeAllen West
181Ted CruzMarco Rubio
180Scott WalkerTed Cruz
178Scott WalkerAllen West
176Sarah PalinTed Cruz
171Ben CarsonMichele Bachmann
167Rand PaulPaul Ryan
165Ben CarsonBobby Jindal
164Rand PaulMarco Rubio
160Scott WalkerMarco Rubio
147Donald TrumpSarah Palin
143Ted CruzMichele Bachmann
139Sarah PalinBen Carson
137Ron PaulRand Paul
136Ben CarsonHerman Cain
134Ted CruzPaul Ryan
127Mitt RomneyBen Carson
125Marco RubioAllen West
121Donald Trump
119Rand PaulMichele Bachmann
118Ted CruzNikki Haley
117Ted CruzHerman Cain
114Allen WestJohn Bolton
113Donald TrumpMarco Rubio
109Allen WestMichele Bachmann
108Ben CarsonMike Lee
107Donald TrumpAllen West
104Mitt RomneyAllen West
104Allen WestMarco Rubio
104Ben CarsonTrey Gowdy
103Chris ChristieBen Carson
101Ted CruzJohn Bolton
100Sarah PalinRand Paul
99Condoleezza RiceBen Carson
98Donald TrumpCondoleezza Rice
98Ben CarsonJan Brewer
96Rand PaulMike Huckabee
96Rick PerryAllen West
95Ben CarsonNewt Gingrich
95Rand PaulMike Lee
95Ben CarsonDonald Trump
93Ted CruzMike Huckabee
92Allen WestPaul Ryan
91Marco RubioCondoleezza Rice
91Donald TrumpNone of These
91Rand PaulRon Paul
89Ted CruzBobby Jindal
88Jeb BushBen Carson
87Mike HuckabeeTed Cruz
87Ted CruzTrey Gowdy
83Rand PaulJohn Bolton
83Paul RyanBen Carson
83None of TheseNone of These
83Rand PaulHerman Cain
81Rand PaulSusana Martinez
81Rand PaulNikki Haley
80Paul RyanAllen West
80Rand PaulScott Walker
80Chris ChristieMarco Rubio
77Rand PaulGary Johnson
76Mitt RomneyCondoleezza Rice
76Ben Carson
74Sarah PalinMichele Bachmann