2016 ☆ Dream Ticket

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Allen West 2016 Sticker Paul Ryan 2016 Sticker Rand Paul for President Oval Sticker Rubio 2016 Ted Cruz for President Bumper Sticker
VotesPresidentVice President
3521Ted CruzAllen West
2452Ted CruzBen Carson
1762Rand PaulAllen West
1355Rand PaulTed Cruz
1320Rand PaulBen Carson
1095Ben CarsonTed Cruz
1084Ted CruzRand Paul
983Ben CarsonAllen West
640Ben CarsonRand Paul
628Allen WestBen Carson
570Allen WestTed Cruz
542Ted CruzSarah Palin
495Ted CruzMike Lee
424Ben CarsonSarah Palin
410Ben CarsonCondoleezza Rice
353Rand PaulSarah Palin
342Allen WestRand Paul
315Allen WestSarah Palin
312Ben CarsonMarco Rubio
272Mike HuckabeeBen Carson
272Ben CarsonMike Huckabee
227Ben CarsonNikki Haley
216Ben CarsonPaul Ryan
204Ben CarsonJohn Bolton
201Rand PaulCondoleezza Rice
193Sarah PalinAllen West
185Ben CarsonScott Walker
180Ted CruzCondoleezza Rice
175Allen WestCondoleezza Rice
171Mike HuckabeeAllen West
164Rand PaulPaul Ryan
163Sarah PalinTed Cruz
160Scott WalkerBen Carson
160Ben CarsonSusana Martinez
150Rand PaulMarco Rubio
143Ben CarsonMichele Bachmann
143Ted CruzScott Walker
136Marco RubioBen Carson
133Ted CruzMarco Rubio
128Sarah PalinBen Carson
128Ted CruzPaul Ryan
125Ron PaulRand Paul
122Ben CarsonHerman Cain
122Mitt RomneyBen Carson
121Ted CruzMichele Bachmann
119Ben CarsonBobby Jindal
114Allen WestJohn Bolton
113Marco RubioAllen West
108Ted CruzNikki Haley
108Rand PaulMichele Bachmann
107Scott WalkerAllen West
106Ted CruzHerman Cain
104Allen WestMichele Bachmann
103Mitt RomneyAllen West
101Ben CarsonMike Lee
99Chris ChristieBen Carson
96Sarah PalinRand Paul
96Allen WestMarco Rubio
93Rand PaulMike Huckabee
93Ted CruzJohn Bolton
90Allen WestPaul Ryan
90Rick PerryAllen West
88Ben CarsonNewt Gingrich
87Condoleezza RiceBen Carson
85Ben CarsonJan Brewer
85Rand PaulMike Lee
81Rand PaulJohn Bolton
81Paul RyanBen Carson
80Paul RyanAllen West
79Rand PaulHerman Cain
76Rand PaulNikki Haley
75Chris ChristieMarco Rubio
74Allen WestNikki Haley
71Rand PaulRon Paul
71Ted CruzMike Huckabee
69Mike HuckabeeTed Cruz
68Jeb BushBen Carson
67Allen WestMike Huckabee
66Mitt RomneyCondoleezza Rice
66Sarah PalinMichele Bachmann
65Scott WalkerTed Cruz
63Newt GingrichBen Carson
63Rand PaulSusana Martinez
63Allen WestHerman Cain
62None of TheseNone of These
61Mitt RomneyRand Paul
60Ron PaulAllen West
60Newt GingrichAllen West
59Paul RyanTed Cruz
59Rand PaulScott Walker
59Rand PaulGary Johnson
59Rick PerryBen Carson
58Mike HuckabeeSarah Palin
56Ben CarsonRick Santorum
56Ron PaulBen Carson
56Marco RubioCondoleezza Rice
56Chris ChristieAllen West
56Allen WestSusana Martinez
56Mike HuckabeeRand Paul
55Allen WestJan Brewer